Millions of developers and companies build, send and expect their software on GitHub, the world`s largest and most advanced development platform. Examples of applications in this repository are licensed under the STK Components Developer Resources License Agreement, which is included in this repository .pdf license. GitHub is home to more than 50 million developers who work together to host and verify code, manage projects and create software together. STK Components offers powerful classroom libraries for .NET or Java to help developers working on land, marine, aerospace systems solve today`s most challenging technical and missionary challenges with great precision. Whether you`re creating a small proprietary data processing utility, high-end aerospace desktop software, a multi-user web application or part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), STK Components can help. STK Components requires a license. Temporary development and evaluation licenses can be requested by AGI support@agi.com email assistance. Contact support@agi.com for any questions about STK Components or other AGI products. This repository presents examples of applications for STK Components, a commercial product of Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) For more information on STK Components, please visit the AGI website. These application examples illustrate the use of different STK Components features. Each application is also included in the StK Components installation.

The full system requirements for STK Components are listed in the documentation (.NET/ Java). The STK Components documentation (available for .NET and Java) contains a full API programming manual and documentation for the full set of features provided by STK Components. You need to create an AGI account to download STK Components. After registration, load either the . Download the net version or Java. These applications contain fictitious data and are duly uses. This repository does not contain STK components that must be viewed separately on the AGI support site.